put in charge

See: entrust
References in classic literature ?
Vronsky was of distinguished appearance; he possessed, moreover, the art of behaving with respectful dignity, and was used to having to do with such grand personages--that was how he came to be put in charge of the prince.
Now we must go back to the King's son after he had been put in charge of the nurse.
My old friend, "now past his work," had been put in charge of the place.
But his threat was recalled by the brothers Jackson and he was arrested on suspicion and a deputy sheriff put in charge of him at his home.
One of the most intelligent of the Indians was put in charge of the digging gangs as foreman, and told to keep them at work, and not to let them stray.
Some time after this I was put in charge of the law news of the "Cri du Boulevard.
Dunster put in charge of a Norwich physician to-morrow.
As this disposition was highly convenient in a family much given to the manufacture of phrases, and seemed to argue a corresponding capacity for action, she was, from her childhood even, put in charge of household affairs.
A man can return with a great reputation from India and be put in charge of a great public treasure, and still have the soul of a schoolboy, waiting to be awakened by an accident.
I was put in charge of all the arrangements for looking after them.