put into action

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Organisers hope to come up with concrete suggestions to put into action.
Given these fines are from, in the main, seven fixed cameras and the mobile camera has yet to be put into action, the cash generated is only going to get higher unless drivers seriously reconsider their bus lane, yellow box and zig-zag manoeuvres.
These ideas are now being put into action in order to develop better facilities for children, families, teenagers and older people.
He said that based on actionable intelligence, several options had been put into action, including 10 air strikes in Khyber Agency today.
The alarm was raised shortly after 9pm and a massive multi-agency search and rescue operation was quickly put into action by the Irish Coast Guard.
The Airports Corporation of Vietnam declared that the operator of Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City put into action an extended section of the domestic terminal that can manage 5 Million passengers a year.
FORMER deputy prime minister Lord John Prescott visited a Walsall housing estate to see how one of his policies has been put into action.
Summary: Representatives of two countries that donate to demining efforts in south Lebanon visited the area Tuesday to see how their funds are put into action.
The scheme was put into action when it was disclosed that Toxteth housing facility Cherry Mill on Upper Park Street, which provided housing for people with mental health problems, was due to be demolished.
For to see good put into action is what everybody needs.
Together with at least 10 billion euros expected from the International Monetary Fund in the first year, the aid package for Greece could add up to the biggest multilateral financial rescue ever attempted, if put into action.
The Russian side also proposed that the agreement for the recognition of ship licenses is put into action.