put into circulation

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In June, the central bank went into a currency conversion agreement with the Angolan central bank and this month the bank removed the diamond security feature from the country's two low denomination notes, which were put into circulation a day ago.
In April of the same year, the Kuwaiti dinar (first edition) was officially put into circulation by 1961.
Dubai: The Central Bank said it will put into circulation currency notes with tactile features for the blind and visually impaired to recognise on Wednesday.
However, an error mismatched the old and new designs and between 50,000 and 200,000 coins were produced with no date and put into circulation before the mistake was spotted.
There is also a "longstop" limit, which says no claim can be bought against the manufacturer more than ten years after the product was put into circulation.
Earlier last week, RBI had said that it will soon put into circulation one rupee currency notes and would be legal tender as provided in The Coinage Act 2011.
Summary: Italy's financial police said Thursday they had seized over one million fake e1/450 banknotes which were almost ready to be put into circulation, and arrested five people.
Romanian legislator created for the offence of putting into circulation of falsified values, a distinct incriminatory text and stipulated that also the perpetrator of the offence of falsification may be active subject of this act, but not of the act of possessing in order to put into circulation or of other modalities introduced in the text.
The new bill was put into circulation on December 12.
The new banknotes are expected to be printed by the end of the year and to be put into circulation at the start of 2015.
It was put into circulation on November 1 and became a reliable and robust attribute of the country's statehood, Turkmen dovlet khabarlary state news service reported.
In one masterstroke he purchased 250,000 French 10 centime coins and had "Pears" stamped on each one, which were then put into circulation in the UK, each worth a penny.