put into effect

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The EU was insisting on aiming to put into effect the Kyoto Protocol, which the United States has rejected, and increasing the global share of renewable energy resources to at least 15% of total primary energy supply by 2010, an idea Washington is also reluctant to endorse.
Although Local Law 26 legislation was voted on in the summer of 2004, the law was not put into effect until July of 2005.
Moreover, the FTAA agreement was to have been approved by Congress and put into effect this year.
It's a good idea that can't be put into effect soon enough.
The tough new measures by the Bush administration put into effect on June 30, particularly the rule limiting family visits to once every three years, have angered many Cuba-Americans, reports CubaNews (July 2004).
The secret of our success is possibly the fact that we are prepared to listen to our members and volunteers and put into effect new ideas that appeal to young people.
Mr Blunkett's proposals should be put into effect as quickly as possible.
For a new plan, the remedial amendment period would begin on the date the plan is put into effect if it has a disqualifying provision (or in the absence of a provision).
NATS chairman Roy McNulty has said, 'European air transport is headed directly towards gridlock unless the European Commission's single sky initiative is quickly agreed and put into effect.
The Justice Ministry is planning to put into effect on Aug.
We've put into effect a new structure that is fairly radical and that should result in far better service and a better culture at the IRS over time," said Congressman Rob Portman OK-Ohio).
49 because an increase higher than this settlement amount had been put into effect June 1 pending a final decision.