put to flight

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In power for 23 years now, President Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso never dreamt of being put to flight by his own praetorian guard.
Dubai Any hopes of a re-match between Rewilding and So You Think have been put to flight with the stars of Wednesday's thrilling Prince of Wales's Stakes unlikely to meet in the near future.
THE Swans were put to flight as the Sports Argus Charity Darts team enjoyed a winning return to West Bromwich WMC.
If every Hero could be returned whole, with all their lives ahead, To loved ones, young and old and Masters of War put to flight.
Ed Sturton reporting from Sderot didn't explain how the land on which Sderot stands was once a Palestinian village called Najd, whose residents were ethnically cleansed and put to flight by Jewish terrorists in May 1948.
Our spirits moved by the evils that exist in the world, the conflicts of interest, the duplicity, the silence of right reason, the arms race and the possession of destructive weapons, we ask the Child of Bethlehem, thinking of all homeless children left to themselves in the alleys of refugee camps, for the sun of justice, love and life to rise over our land and put to flight the specter of death and destruction.
The people who were put to flight at the time I made those remarks were substituted by other people who are equally vicious and just as dangerous.
The world was dumbfounded when Winston Churchill, the destroyer of Nazi Germany, was himself put to flight by Labour in the General Election of 1945.