put to the proof

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I," said All Earth, "Whatever he's worth, I'll put to the proof.
Thee thyself, I wanted to put to the proof when I gave this performance.
And then she came - at an anxious time, too, when her worth could be put to the proof at once - and from first to last she was a treasure.
IT was Saturday, the third of October--the day on which the assertion of Arnold's marriage to Anne Silvester was to be put to the proof.
As they could not be put to the proof until this evening, I invited you and your colleague to take a holiday for the day.
Indeed, just 48 hours before the SPL2 blueprint he has championed so publicly was about to be put to the proof, Flynn sacked John Robertson as Livingston manager.
They may not be put to the proof of their religious doctrines or beliefs.
Neither version was put to the proof, but they reveal, in a somewhat backward, rural area, the stress placed on blood relations and hierarchical notions of status.