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Heteroptera collected at butterfly traps baited with putrefied fish or shrimp carrion.
1990) performed toxicological analysis of fly larvae collected from putrefied remains and used to calculate the post-mortem interval (PMI).
Smith who set out to find another coelacanth after the first had become putrefied and unsuitable for study.
But recent incidents emerging from the putrefied corridors of many a court force one to believe that even the last resort of the common man is crumbling.
Only a third of the marinated meat was fresh, more than a half showed signs of putrefaction and around 15% was putrefied.
Putrefied water flows through open "nallies (drains) and flies and insects breed and spread diseases.
And I'm gonna touch where his liver is and see if it's putrefied or something.
And, oh, that silly ash tree he and Lynch had planted late last spring just in the center of the lot-- and it still smoldering like so much hatred caught within the limits of a bottle corked, its contents putrefied, each blackened bud a curse, its blackened trunk a stick of wonder now, its crown refusing even now to die.
For your readers with a penchant for forensic science, it may be of interest to learn that tattoos are used by forensic pathologists to help them identify burned, putrefied or mutilated bodies.
To this day, I can still smell the putrefied smell which was our daughter," she said.
Betrayed love has putrefied into hate and violence.
An FBI Memorandum later revealed that FBI Agent Jeff Jenkins left the "clothing" in the trunk of his car until it putrefied and that "Jenkins took the smelly bloody clothing out of his car and now had it in the FBI office.