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The putting green allows tenants to enjoy the plaza by taking a quick break from their office responsibilities with the opportunity to stretch their legs and get outside.
Hole-in-One USA's putting green games are notorious at the NADA Convention because it gives a taste of what Hole-in-One USA does as a hole-in-one insurance company.
With Virtual Green, the landscape changes via an adjustable floor to make the putting green come alive right before your eyes; no more putting on a flat surface.
Oi", bellowed a voice from the terrace overlooking the putting green.
Southern putting greens are made up of single cultivars of bermudagrass, but golf course superintendents have complained for years about the appearance of nonuniform plants, or "off-types," that can throw off the green's appearance and "playability.
Since the greens are artificial, they don't require the typical lawn maintenance that natural putting greens need, such as watering, fertilising, weeding and mowing.
However, when she drove over the wall, the car came to a stop when its front end fell off the raised putting green and hit the road.
In huge conservatory area leading off from the bar looking out on putting green & garden
GOLF-MAD: Ron and Ethel Turnbull, who have had a putting green built in their garden
The BD did not change as a function of putting green age (Table 1).
The putting green and the tennis courts were overgrown and unused.
ENGLAND'S John Bicker-ton revealed a flash of inspiration on the putting green contributed to him holding the lead after the first round of the French Open.