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But they know anyhow, for they have the map," commented Ned, puzzled by his chum's words.
Was it you," demanded young Andrews, in a puzzled tone, "or your brother who tried to knife me?
At this remark the family looked puzzled, and Grandmother Majauszkiene again had to make an explanation--that it was against the law for children to work before they were sixteen.
We marched comfortably along, through glades and over brooks which I could not remember to have seen before -- which puzzled me and made me wonder -- and yet we did not come to any circus or sign of a circus.
He puzzled over the matter some time, and finally decided that some witch had interfered and broken the charm.
Miss Dearborn looked puzzled as she answered, "Of course, Rebecca, hollyhocks could not be sorry, or glad, or afraid, really.
At ten years old, she had the misfortune of being able to answer questions which puzzled her sister at seventeen.