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Their names--the water-walking basilisk dubbed the Jesus lizard, the tiger heron, the bullet ant--conveyed the appeal and puzzlement and strange- ness of the place.
The puzzlement of the ruler, however, was nothing compared with the puzzlement of the people, especially the people who had lost all their money.
TALLINN -- While pensions as well as wages of medical professionals and teachers are at risk of further cuts, the increase in the maximum rate in parental benefits causes puzzlement among opponents of the plan, reports news agency LETA.
It's a puzzlement," sang Yul Brenner in "The King and I," as he tried to understand the differences between East and West.
Then when the inevitable happens and they act like humans, we scratch our heads in puzzlement and flagellate ourselves for being so dumb to glorify them.
The discrepancy between the grandeur of the failure and the stature of the man is a puzzlement.
IT'S a matter of extreme puzzlement to me that so many so-called Christians can show so much distress at the demolition of the Vulcan, a rather dingy public house, yet show complete indifference to the sale to a property developer of a fine architectural edifice like St James church (pictured).
Past Sydney Grove the pack strings out in blues and greens and reds, hoops, stripes and diamonds bringing brief brightness to the dingy streets and puzzlement to passers-by.
Some Jonesboro leaders expressed puzzlement about the climb.
I can well understand G B Butler's puzzlement as to why the span was "erected in mid-air".
Actress Keira once spoke of her puzzlement when American movie posters for her film King Arthur were airbrushed to give her a bigger chest.
There has been puzzlement over the absence of English players from the cash-and curry bonanza but all you need to know is the players involved are those who attracted the highest bids at auction.