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In this paper, we focus on scientific evidence for the effects of pyramidal structures from patents and other literature, a controlled study, and our own anecdotal discoveries.
Pyramidal tract involvement is infrequent, however, our patient had involvement of pyramidal tracts manifested by hyperreflexia and ankle clonus.
Parameters such as the length of the lateral lobes and height of the isthmus were measured, and the presence of pyramidal lobe and levator thyroideae glandulae was noted.
sup][1],[2],[3] Especially, the hippocampus, which is highly susceptible to ischemia, and pyramidal neurons in the hippocampal cornus ammonis 1 region (CA1 region) are most sensitive to ischemic damage.
This is another pyramidal form that grows to similar dimensions as the Argentea Marginata cultivar.
It still represents a minimal but mostly important sign to be performed when suspecting a lesion of the pyramidal tract, e.
Abstract Large, extensively diversified pyramidal business groups of listed firms dominate the histories of developed economies and the economies of developing economies.
A smaller portion of the thyroid substance often projects upwards from the isthmus, generally to the left of the midline as a pyramidal lobe, represents a development of glandular tissue from caudal end of the thyroglossal duct.
a pyramidal shape) and led upward into a perforated, translucent plastic funnel set inside the cylinder (Schneidmiller et al.
As the spinning skirt's fabric flows into a pyramidal shape, it is deflected similarly to the Earth's atmosphere flowing over the spinning planet, scientists report November 26 in the New Journal of Physics.
recently completed the testing of two skylight variations, the flat or “side glazed” skylight and the pyramidal skylight.