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While the pyramidical social structure at Machecoul was common throughout the region, Woell wavers on the political profile of the town.
At the story's heart was the discovery of a pyramidical object surrounded by a forcefield.
1070-1145) on the Church, and Innocent III's by identifying a similar pyramidical structure in their depictions of Church hierarchy.
Building pyramidical structures also probably reinforced and reminded the people of their place in the pyramidal hierarchy and structure of society.
Burt argued that the pyramidical structure of advanced societies results mainly from inherited differences in mental ability.
Perhaps we will not have to react to large dTs (except, perhaps, for components) as before and might be able to use the pyramidical profile without paying the dT price.
59) The network form involves an apparent flattening of hierarchies so that authority and legitimacy flows more horizontally and interactively, rather than vertically in a pyramidical command structure.
These included the fashionable Superdutch contingent OMA (who boldly topped the Grossmarkthalle with three pyramidical structures reminiscent of Giza or the Swiss alps), and UN Studio, who proposed a monolithic capsule more suited to a sci-fi film.