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For the only thing that may break the Easter holiday mountain blaze cycle is the day the young pyromaniac finds himself in the line of his own fire.
puppeteers, pyromaniacs and performance artists,' the 999 Eyes troupe will perform today and Saturday at Jaxx, 1010 Oak St.
There are contortionists, pyromaniacs and vampire girls - with real fangs.
The pyromaniacs were at play, led by the Stratton brothers, stoking the fire with gasoline and kindling.
The government could also begin recruiting demolition experts, arsonists and pyromaniacs, underworld hit men and freelance assassins in an effort to bring terrorists to their knees.
In fact, it will be a Trojan Horse, a vehicle for the Portillista pyromaniacs to enter the arena under disguise and attack the leadership,' she wrote in her column for the Sunday Mirror.
While the leader is away, and this year it is even more dangerous as the party has two leaders in waiting, a small band of political pyromaniacs set about turning up the heat.
Would pyromaniacs have a compulsion or compulsions to start destructive fires?