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Dr Adeduntan assured that since the inspection by the task force started, medical quackery has reduced by 50 per cent in the state as well as a reduction in the petition on medical negligence.
The PHC had been taking concerted steps against quackery and is determined to eliminate it in Punjab," he added.
Moved by a PTI lawmaker Shonaila Raut, the House adopted the resolution urging the government to take strict action against quackery in the province.
Ajmal Khan said that when we started campaign against quackery, some members of this Mafia Group took us to the Courts and filed petitions in High Courts at Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi as well as in the Islamabad High Court.
He responded: "No I'd rather use peer-reviewed science and trialled medicine than snake oil and quackery.
An appraisal of quackery evil reveals that it is a universal phenomena and the harm done to a common man is much beyond the surface level7.
About the Book: Indigenous science is often dismissed as quackery or nonsense, out of touch with progress and current events.
The journalists union on Wednesday pledged to cooperate with the medical association to highlight the dangers of quackery.
THE Indian Medical Association ( IMA) has been struggling to curb quackery in the national Capital for a while now.
Topics in Volume 2: H-Z includes Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, mediation, public citizen, multi-level marketing and pyramid plans, quackery, and warnings.
He should be well rewarded for that contribution, and never mind the quackery of a fair trial.
Not so extinct, however, rather like the cancer cell that has learned the secret of eternal life, so too has the not-so-fine art of quackery thrived over the ages.