quadrate with

See: adhere, cohere
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In short I am resolved, from this instance, never to give way to the weakness of human nature more, nor to think anything virtue which doth not exactly quadrate with the unerring rule of right.
It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to suggest any general regulation that would be acceptable to all the States in the Union, or that would perfectly quadrate with the several State institutions.
Tergite 2 with oblique, subrectangular brown-black pruinose dorsolateral macula on either side only; tergites 3-5 with very narrow, V-shaped concolourous median fascia and well separated and greatly reduced concolourous T-shaped dorsolateral macula, lateral margin of tergites 2-5 with subelliptical concolourous macula in basal third; sternite 4, quadrate with evenly-rounded apical margin; sternite 5 rectangular, subparallel-sided, with straight apical margin, ca one-third longer than sternite 4, both unmodified, with spare, brown setulae arranged in irregular rows, those along lateral margins slightly longer and stronger; sternite 6 (Fig.