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QUADRUPLICATION, pleading. Formerly this word was used instead of surrebutter. 1 Bro. Civ. Law, 469, n.

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31g) were distributed into twenty 100L experimental units, in quadruplicate (40 animals per treatment, 10 per experimental unit), with the following treatments: (T1) continuous bath with 4ppm of chlorine dioxide in the water; (T2) continuous bath with 20ppm of chlorine dioxide in the water; (B1) therapeutic bath at a concentration of 200ppm chlorine dioxide for 1min; (B2) therapeutic bath at a concentration of 400ppm of chlorine dioxide for 1min; control group (without any chemical agent).
Non-template control reactions were also carried out in quadruplicate, for each pair of primers, and four biological repeats were performed.
2 (Bruker, Gemamy) was used to construct the partial least squares regressions (PLSR) for each soil attribute and each quadruplicate sample.
Results were expressed as relative mean fluorescent intensity (RFU) for each set of quadruplicate spots of antigen, with a cutoff of 4,000 RFU as used by Meyer et al.
The project to quadruplicate the capacity of Asia-Europe transit highway route in Iran which was launched today is in line with materializing the same goal," he said.
eight = Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, [or] Quadruplicate, duplicate, [or] Quadruplicate, bifurcate, quadruplicate, [or] Quantitate: enumerate, duplicate, replicate, reiterate, (et ceterate)
After application of bacterial inoculants, the forages from each treatment were sub-sampled in quadruplicate and stored at -20[degrees]C for the analysis of nutrient content.
Get rid of the reams of paper required to be filled out - in quadruplicate, no less, and all separate entries by the way - for sending even a pair of socks by parcel service, and what about a daily postal delivery service to the door, as happens elsewhere.
The utility of this technique will be assessed by simultaneously analysing 16 different biomarkers, run in quadruplicate, to simulate the analysis of 64 unique biomarkers.