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The fortified wine is about 16% alcohol, so it''s quaffable in smaller quantities.
An inexpensive but quaffable red with a decent body should do.
We also lightened the body of the beer, making it incredibly smooth and dangerously quaffable.
7% ABV, 48 IBU pils is a bright, clean, quaffable variant on the style.
No real stuff, of course, but local brew Singha is a quaffable lager and, if you must, you can always opt for the ubiquitous Heineken.
Sainsbury's House selection pinot noir is from Romania an, d at under a fiver, is eminently quaffable with poultry dishes, pasta and cheese.
My friend chose the house red which she also stated was a little too quaffable.
And they point out England's wine industry, after a dodgy start, is coming up with some eminently quaffable bottles.
The product itself is very refreshing, with light ginger beer characteristics and a sensible abv of 4% that certainly makes it quaffable, particularly when chilled.
But when beau nouveau, a light red wine as quaffable as Kool-Aid, became pretentious and pricey, I started recommending California old vines zinfandels and Oregon pinot noirs and Australian shirazes.
Pinot Grigio is the Italian white wine of the moment, usually fairly bland and quaffable, which is ideal for an al-fresco event, especially if it means a quick slurp and a dash indoors to miss the showers.
All one needs to do to get a taste of vintage wine, in just a matter of minutes, is to pass an undrinkable, raw red wine between a set of high-voltage electrodes and it becomes pleasantly quaffable.