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roaring quaffers (56-57): "quaffing, roaring," Hawkins, Apollo Shroving (1627); "we quaff, we roar," Middleton, More Dissemblers Besides Women (1615).
ADELAIDE - The United Kingdom remained the biggest quaffers of Australian wine following a record winegrape harvest in 2003/04, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said today.
The event's yearly draw of thousands of thirsty quaffers is a testimony to its popularity, and since it started in the Arco Building Atrium years ago it has outgrown several venues.
Not so long ago, Monterey wine meant no-frills, easy-on-the-pocketbook quaffers.
Calling all dedicated quaffers - Superplonk is a new wine reviews website you may want to bookmark.
This is unfortunate, as I consider many of these light, fruity, low alcohol wines perfect summer quaffers which can be consumed easily with breakfast/brunch, as aperitifs or with fresh fruit as dessert,"
Kotrba has designed a four-tier membership: Quaffers, Drinkers, Keepers and Custom Case.
Served well-chilled, they were perfect summer quaffers.
Quaffers should make a bee line for the beer bar which will have a German theme including Krombacher on draught.
Not only are there spacious toilets for the coffee quaffers in the cafe, there's a pharmacy that focuses on 'urban healing' and contains an oxygen spa bar for those in need of an energising lift.
Germany's largest wine area, Rheinhessen, spreads out over flat, fertile farmland, and is best known for the production of the much-derided Liebfraumilch and other characterless quaffers from Bereich Nierstein.