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To qualify, the computer must be owned and operated by someone other than the taxpayer, it must be located off the taxpayer's premises, and the taxpayer must not be its primary user.
Thus, because the trust contained the qualifying language, despite the drafting conflict, the "[d]ecedent manifested his intent to qualify for the marital deduction in numerous ways," including references to the marital deduction and citations to Sec.
Generally, the mortgage must be secured by the qualified residence--that is, by a recorded mortgage or deed of trust on the property--to qualify for the interest deduction.
Thus, we can envision an examining agent concluding that a taxpayer's activities did not qualify as R&E under section 174 because they occurred right after the basic design specifications were met.
However, the IRS recently issued three letter rulings (Letter Rulings 200432027-200432029) that allowed a trust that had paid estate administration expenses and inheritance taxes to qualify.
Another qualifier: Littlerock hopes to have at least one more swimmer qualify for the section before the season ends.
In addition, Euro legacy currency bonds will no longer qualify for inclusion in the Index.
To qualify for a charitable deduction, a conservation easement must meet all of the criteria for a qualified conservation contribution; see the Exhibit on p.
Other loans that do not qualify include those made under a qualified employer plan (under Sec.
Preliminary results show that use of the Qualify score could increase the lifetime value of accounts gained through individual marketing campaigns by as much as 40 percent.
Although recordkeeping agreements may not provide all of the answers (because the IRS will retain the ability to challenge on substantive grounds whether particular expenses qualify for the research credit), such agreements may be a step in the right direction for taxpayers looking for more assurance on their research credit documentation.