qualifying factors

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Qualifying factors will include and are not limited to the following: i.
Charter is making it easy for customers to receive one or more digital boxes at no cost for one, two or five years, depending on the customer's programming package and other qualifying factors.
Other qualifying factors include businesses with the potential to achieve a turnover of PS500,000, or those set to employ 5 or more staff members within the first three years of trading.
The specification requirements for LED luminaires were considerable: "One of the qualifying factors for product submission was approved IES LM-79 and LM-80 files," says Ken Perez, Sr.
Over the past couple of years obtaining a mortgage has been complicated and the qualifying factors have been more stringent, but with the FHA option we hope financing will be easier for prospective buyers," said Karen Mansour, executive vice president of marketing and sales for the Development Marketing Group at Prudential Douglas Elliman.
After the initial grandfathering period, future licensed accountants were so made through examination, education, experience and other qualifying factors.
Our industry has no standard criteria for the qualifying factors used in determining equipment performance specifications, or even for what equipment specifications should be supplied to the customer.
Attacks by mortars, rockets, rocket-propelled grenades, improvised explosive devices and suicide bombers are qualifying factors.
Advanced degrees, selected readings, and authoring and teaching engagements can also be claimed as qualifying factors.
The appellate court said that a new organization that has not yet provided charitable services may nevertheless qualify as a purely charitable institution by demonstrating clearly that its planned operations are compatible with several qualifying factors, such as whether the entity involved is supported by donations and gifts and whether the recipients of the "charity" are required to pay for the assistance received.
Qualifying factors for being considered "high risk" designation are:
This certification indicates that the home meets rigorous standards for sustainable site development, water conservation, energy efficiency and materials selection - among other qualifying factors.