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CPAs must undertake appropriate qualitative analysis to determine whether a material misstatement actually occurred.
This qualitative analysis does corroborate the disagreement and opposite effect generated when the hospitalist system is integrated into a health care system, and when this integration represents a threat to the earning potential of primary care physicians.
The present study focused on a qualitative analysis of resource and barrier themes in the interview data.
ABI is a top technology research provider because we substantiate a high level of confidence in our forecasts and qualitative analysis by employing skilled analysts with both broad and focused industry experience.
Study instruments were developed based on multicultural competencies (see Figure 1) identified from a qualitative analysis of the multicultural health education literature (AAHE, 1994b; Acosta-Deprez, 1994; Bensley, 1994; Fortune, 1994; Orlandi, 1992; Pahnos & Butt, 1994; Taylor, 1F998).

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