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I think Ryan is probably the best captain I've played under, so I have no qualms about him captaining the side.
Monaghan are sitting on top of the First Division because they got a couple of points, so I've no qualms about that.
I am obviously biased but I would have no qualms about putting him to the side to face Ireland and play against O'Driscoll.
I HAVE no qualms about the ID card system, but I believe the public should be allowed to have their say otherwise it would seem we are heading towards a police state rather than a free state.
When Mark Rand's 1914 Ford Model T ground to a halt some miles from his home in North Yorkshire, he had no qualms about calling GEM.
Robert Barr, writing for the Associated Press writes, "The Church of England has qualms about remarriage for divorcees.
Yet he had no qualms about sacking Tory Deputy Chairman Howard Flight, who spilled the beans about the Tories' secret agenda to cut spending.
There are things that can be done while Ellie is still at home before leaving for her flight, at the airport, and also on the plane to address any qualms she might have as a young traveler "flying solo.
In early November, USA Today reported that several states are moving to permit pharmacists who cite moral qualms about certain drugs or medical procedures to refuse to fill prescriptions for patients.
Many famous raw foodists don't have any qualms about eating lots of foods that are grown on the other side of our planet (one famous raw foodist calls himself the Durian King, though he lives in New York and durians are grown in Malaysia).
CRAIG LEVEIN had no qualms about taking his troops to Canada because he had lapped up his first trip there with the Jambos a decade ago.