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Of these twin quandaries, he cracks, ``I hope they're saving memorial space for the guy who solves that one.
He needn't worry, though; his conundrums will never be solved, because the quandaries they explore can only be experienced through first-hand perception: how can the use of a certain texture make one form nest inside another?
com) launches as the answer to Valentine's Day quandaries for people of all ages, from the hopeless romantic to the downright hopeless, when it comes to planning for Valentine's Day.
Surviving Healthcare is a no-nonsense guide to dealing with financial, medical, and personal quandaries in the complex and confusing modern healthcare system.
population poses quandaries for businesses in many industries, but few companies face as many difficult decisions as automakers and their suppliers.
These technologies included simulations, role-plays, and multi-step problem solving activities called quandaries.
When and how to get patients out of the driver's seat, however, topped the guidelines because it is one of doctors' biggest quandaries.
From genetic engineering to abortion, from organ transplantation to the "right to die" movement, many contemporary healthcare issues raise complex ethical quandaries.
11, 1996--Whether that hard-to-please person on your holiday gift list is a budding executive or a bride-to-be, a fisherman or a feminist, your quirky aunt quandaries and discriminating Dad dilemmas can be solved by giving fun software that is made to suit both the bookish and brassy alike.