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Now available in bookstores and on leading websites, Quandary Phase is part four of the mind-bending "five-part Hitchhiker trilogy" that was launched first as a phenomenally popular radio series, morphed into best selling books, TV shows, games, audio books, and a hit motion picture.
The heart-rending quandary faced recently by the parents of Siamese twins now has an echo in Co Down.
In the "Forethoughts" that introduce the collection, Ozick identifies as her central concern the quandary arising from the uneasy relation between politics and art.
He blurts out all his feelings for Linda (Jacqueline Pirie) to Alma (Amanda Barrie), and she is then in a bit of a quandary as to whether to tell Mike (Johnny Briggs).
Weber addresses this quandary in his article on "Managed Care Medical Directors Under Fire.
However, it appears that the rules have currently left the tax practitioner in a quandary about hybrid entities.
Head lice was a hot health topic in the summer of 1999 and left some camps in a quandary.
A This is a common quandary investors face when they own individual stocks through a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) or direct stock purchase plan (DSP).
Occasionally, contradictory evidence within the slave narratives' quotes is ignored, leaving the reader in a quandary as to the meaning of the material.
The Chimel case left police officers in a quandary.
Children offered advice on each quandary and described the reasons behind their decisions.
His solution to his quandary - he is a static artist working in a temporal medium - is appropriative; he uses stuff that already has a lot of content (the Civil War, the life of Einstein, et cetera) and form (German cabaret, Asian dance styles, et cetera) without regard to its actual meaning or context.