Non-Departmental Public Body

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Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB)

a body which has a role in the process of national government, but is not a government department or part of one, and which accordingly operates to a greater or lesser extent at arm's length from Ministers.
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Former Finance Minister Angus MacKay announced last June that a third of all quangos were to be abolished and that a further 61 would come under scrutiny, with the possibility of further culls.
They exploited the lack of a dear definition of the term quango and, with some success, imposed their definition on the public debate.
Mr Leslie said: "While London and the counties immediately surrounding it are home to over half of all quango board members, there are, in contrast, vast swathes of England with apparently no voice on our public bodies.
Quango stands for quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organisation.
He said: 'The whole idea of consulting on the abolition of quangos when you don't have the power to do it is appalling.
An advertising campaign will be launched and McConnell wants a page on the Executive website where people can see and apply for quango vacancies.
Paul Noon, general secretary of civil service union Prospect, said: "This is more than a quango cull, it's a massacre of the innocents.
A senior councillor raised the issue of quangos and how much they cost, and yesterday an Assembly Member slammed quangos as "unaccountable".
A study by the think-tank has revealed an astonishing 132 quango officials are paid more than a Cabinet secretary, and 686 received more than an MSP.
But let's be clear, when it comes to shrinking and streamlining the quango state there's plenty more to come.
When Sir Eric was chairman of the Welsh Tories, an adviser to William Hague stated that if he had received a pound for every request from Tories to join a Quango he'd have been a millionaire.