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Moreover, because quantifiability is one of the phenomenological characteristics of information, we tend, Nunberg notes, to take seriously such popular claims as "a daily issue of the New York Times contains more information than the average seventeenth-century Englishman came across in a lifetime" (p.
We selected behaviors from Atema and Cowan (7) based on frequency and quantifiability.
But the moment is more complicated than this: the front-door/ back-door crisis does not awaken Sutpen to the blurriness of racial boundaries per se, but rather to the attendant--and, I argue, overwhelming--phenomenon of the quantifiability of experience and identity.
62) In the domain of morally significant choice, none of the features of the technical domain, such as quantifiability and commensuration of costs and benefits, are present.
Depending on how this scene is performed, both the quantifiability and the indeterminacy could be represented simultaneously.
The reaction appears to stem from difficulties in the quantifiability of the terms, the confusion of concepts leading to fears of imposition of one's adherence to the beliefs and practices of a religious institution onto another, and the reliance on problem-solving approaches (Benner, 1991; Cornett, 1992).
If we extend the OCA framework to comprehensively include these additional benefits of a currency union, the dilemma reduces to one of quantifiability.