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Although depletion and prefractionation alone showed quantification capability in the microgram per liter range, combination of the 2 enabled penetration into the nanogram per liter range, an approximate 1000-fold increase compared with the milligram per liter detection in untreated plasma (41).
In a subsequent study, the same group used a combination of 12 protein depletions with minimal fractionation by strong cation exchange for the multiplexed quantification in the low microgram per liter range of 6 proteins relevant to cardiac injury (42).
Depletion and/or fractionation can improve detection, and, as exemplified by the study mentioned above, allow for quantification in clinically relevant concentrations for some proteins.
Multiplexing for purposes of protein quantification is the ability to quantify multiple proteins during a single MS analysis (41-44).
In this investigation the quantification showed good reproducibility (CVs of 2%-22% in 10 runs, with more than three-quarters of the proteins showing CVs <10%).
Firstly, the quantification allows for between-organization comparisons.
The only difference is that the model-based approach does not aim at a unique quantification of both the anchor worths and the factor importances, but instead focuses on an explicit definition of the scaling and weighting properties.
Finally, the evaluation expert led a discussion session focusing on the quantification principles which could be derived from the different proposals.
The contribution is significant because the framework allows an estimation of the extent of systematic bias related to the quantification and weighting stages of the point method of job evaluation.

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