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As a result, the last book that resulted from the last Harvard Symposium on Quantitative Analysis of Behavior before it moved the Association for Behavior Analysis was published by Westview Press (Moss & Shettleworth, 1996).
For more information about Best's Quantitative Analysis Reports and Best's Statement File - L/H, U.
Quantitation enhanced by data-dependant MS/-MS (QED-MS-MS) simultaneously performs quantitative analysis and generates rich product ion spectra for compound identification.
Loconto (Michigan Department of Community Health, Bureau of Laboratories, Lansing) explains the principles and practice of trace environmental quantitative analysis (TEQA).
Martineau, 1995, "Numerical Valuation of High-Dimensional Multivariate American Securities", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 30:383-405
The L[alpha] line offers the advantage of higher spatial resolution obtainable with the low accelerating voltage permitted by the lower excitation energy, but is inappropriate for quantitative analysis for Z < 30, owing to uncertainties in the absorption correction.
Six themes and two core questions were identified through qualitative analysis while no significant findings were discovered through quantitative analysis.
The Qualified Rating is therefore based he quantitative analysis of a company's financial strength, operating performance and market profile.
Currently, Murray, in the securities industry for 10 years, heads up Rice Financial's structuring and modeling efforts, performing quantitative analysis and hedging transactions.
Wright addresses Class Counts to the commonplace distaste of Marxian scholars for quantitative analysis, and of quantitative analysts for Marxian scholarship.

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