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noun confinement, custody, medical segregation, period of detention, period of isolation, restraint of movement, sanitary cordon, seclusion, segregation, separation, strict isolation
See also: captivity, confine, constraint, contain, detain, detention, durance, enclose, exclude, immure, imprisonment, insulate, isolate, ostracism, seclude, sequester

QUARANTINE, commerce, crim. law. The space of forty days, or a less quantity of time, during which the crew of a ship or vessel coming from a port or place infected or supposed to be infected with disease, are required to remain on board after their arrival, before they can be permitted to land.
     2. The object of the quarantine is to ascertain whether the crew are infected or not.
     3. To break the quarantine without legal authority is a misdemeanor. 1 Russ. on Cr. 133.
     4. In cases of insurance of ships, the insurer is responsible when the insurance extends to her being moored in port 24 hours in safety, although she may have arrived, if before the 24 hours are expired she is ordered to perform quarantine, if any accident contemplated by the policy occur 1 Marsh. on Ins. 264.

QUARANTINE, inheritances, rights. The space of forty days during which a widow has a right to remain in her late husband's principal mansion, immediately after his death. The right of the widow is also called her quarantine.
     2. In some, perhaps all the states of the United States, provision has been expressly made by statute securing to the widow this right for a greater or lesser space of time in Massachusetts, Mass. Rev. St. 411, and New York, 4 Kent, Com. 62, the widow is entitled to the mansion house for forty days. In Ohio, for one year, Walk. Intr. 231, 324. In Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Virginia, she may occupy till dower is assigned; in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey and Virginia, she may also occupy the plantation or messuage. In Pennsylvania the statute of 9 Hen. III., c. 7, is in force, Rob. Dig. 176, by which it is declared that "a widow shall tarry in the chief house of her husband forty days after his death, within which, her dower shall be assigned her." In Massachusetts the widow is entitled to support for forty days in North Carolina for one year.
     3. Quarantine is a personal right, forfeited by implication of law, by a second marriage. Co. Litt. 82. See Ind. Rev. L. 209; 1 Virg. Rev. C. 170,; Ala. L. 260; Misso. St. 229; Ill. Rev. L. 237; N. J. Rev. C. 397 1 Ken. Rev. L. 573. See Bac. Ab. Dower, B; Co. Litt. 32, b; Id, 34, b 2 Inst. 16, 17.

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The Department of State continues to receive reports about poor quarantine conditions, including the unavailability of suitable drinking water and food, unsanitary conditions, the lack of telephone access, the absence of English-speaking staff, and limited availability of English-language interpreters.
For more information on the Plum Pox Eradication Program, quarantine details and the history of the disease, call 717-772-5226, or visit http://www.
In October 1918, Australia began to quarantine arriving ships upon which a case of influenza had occurred during the voyage; the duration of quarantine was determined on the basis of the date of the most recent case.
Users can also receive their Meridius quarantine alert message in English, French or Spanish.
At times, Bedloe's Island-where th e Statute of Liberty is today--and Ellis Island have been used for quarantines.
Article V, subtitled "Control of Persons," would grant state governments the emergency power "to compel a person to submit to a physical examination and or testing," to "require any physician or other health care provider to perform the medical examination," and to forcibly quarantine any individuals deemed potential disease carriers or refusing to submit to tests.
As the medical officer noted, "many citizens regarded the placard [sign outside the quarantined person's house] as an injustice, either because they did not believe the diagnosis justified, or because their neighbors were alleged by them to be avoiding quarantine by concealment or evasion .
SIMI VALLEY - The quarantine on backyard birds and poultry has been lifted by the Exotic Newcastle Disease Task Force after tests for the highly contagious virus came back negative, officials said Tuesday.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association (PCTGA) today announced that the supply of Christmas trees to consumers and prices of the trees would not be seriously affected by a proposed USDA quarantine to halt the spread of the European pine shoot beetle, which damages pine trees.
Bubonic plague was the contagious disease that led to quarantines as early as the 14th century in port cities in southern Europe.
But state officials have stepped up testing and quarantines around Southern California to avoid a repetition of a 1971 California outbreak, which resulted in the destruction of nearly 12 million chickens and other birds.
Knocking out the cholera: cholera, class and quarantines in New York City, 1892.