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Observations over the years and recent publications (Sandberg 1996, Sandberg and Soderstrom 2006) indicate that quartersawn lumber has considerably less checking and warping as well as better overall weathering characteristics than flatsawn wood.
A fan of the quartersawn white oak, Korsten added, "Its unique grain and styling features fit well throughout the home.
The rift or quartersawn oak material will have less expansion and contraction and more stability.
For over 100 years, Frank Miller Lumber has been synonymous with the highest quality quartersawn lumber in the hardwood industry.
Red oak is very strong for residential plank flooring, especially quartersawn red oak," said Andy Johnson, regional editor of the Hardwood Review.
Thus, the way of quartersawn boards (radial grain) was not prioritized anymore, and the boards became splintered as a result of the plain sawing method (Gudmundsson 2002).
We are FSC chain-of-custody certified and offer FSC-certified cabinetry in maple, heartwood maple, birch, cherry, rustic cherry, hickory, rustic hickory, red oak and quartersawn white oak, plus others by special request," says Angela Ewald, Environmental Health and Safety manager.
All stains allow the character of the wood to show and are available on all Maple, Oak and Quartersawn Oak door styles in Medallion's Designer and Designer Gold product lines.
The soundboard itself is constructed from quartersawn Sitka spruce, which the company says allows for better sound and amplification.
With its conspicuous, lustrous medullary rays, the radial or quartersawn surface gives you the best bang for your buck," he said.
The solid wood mortise and tenon Gable and Trinity door styles available in Oak, Quartersawn Oak, Maple and Cherry are the headliners of the collection and evoke a strong sense of the Prairie school of architecture emphasizing natural materials, texture, form and authentic style.
Heartwood of air-dried lumber that was primarily quartersawn was obtained and cut into test specimens (Table 1).