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In these circumstances, at this stage, no ground for quashing of the FIR is made out.
The petitioner advocate has contended that quashing of sanction by Competent Authority by the high court is "bad in law and impermissible in law and against a catena of judgment and position of law settled by the apex court".
I think the legal and political challenge in the next few years will be finding a way for both to live side by side, without one quashing the other" (LifeSite News, Oct.
No date has been set for the court's judgment on its reasons for quashing the convictions.
She applied to the CCRC in September 2003, but her case was given top priority last January after the quashing of the conviction of Angela Cannings.
Yet despite his complicity in quashing community empowerment, Hahn now carries on like he's liberating L.
UNDERWORLD figures John Gilligan and Brian Meehan will not be affected by the quashing of Paul Ward's conviction for the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin.
Antioxidants may help limit the ravages of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart ailments by quashing cellular damage from molecular fragments known as free radicals.
Nonetheless, the magistrate recommended quashing the summonses because enforcement would constitute an abuse of process.
Following the review, the court issued an order enforcing the summons in part, but quashing it with respect to the information identifying the law firm's clients.
THE Delhi High Court on Monday refused to entertain a plea seeking quashing of an FIR lodged by a woman constable against three youths who had allegedly molested her.