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Haryana could be first among four states slated to go to polls in the last queerer of this year and its outcome would be keenly watched in political circles as it comes just a few months after BJP's historic victory in general elections.
He feels a personal responsibility to make things dirtier, queerer, blacker, weirder, rawer--something he'll be doing on Fade to Mind, as their latest signing--and if there's a bleakness to some of his music, it's the sound of someone trying to express the harder facts about life.
Mewat fight The fight gets even queerer in the Mewat region.
1) The misogyny of that observation acquires queerer force when Dunlavin starts to outline his complaints against the crime that truly revolts him, and that is the evil he cannot even bear to mention directly, the crime that dare not say its name, allowing innuendo to do its work as Dunlavin lists his remonstrations, not to the Quare Fellow facing execution, but to the Other Fellow coming to a cell beside him.
S Haldane, "[t]he universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.
The story concerning the remaining portion of the Ecukurova group's media is queerer.
2006) (discussing race in dating); Riki Wilchins, Queerer Bodies: When I Was in Gender and You Were the Main Drag in GENDERQUEER: VOICES FROM BEYOND THE SEXUAL BINARY 33 (Joan Nestle et al.
Working within the broad themes of transformations, senses and intellect, and textuality and translatio, they consider such aspects as comparative hermeneutics of desire in Dante and 'Attar, Augustine and the object of desire in Purgatorio X, sexualities and knowledges in Purgatorio XXVI and Inferno V, expressions of desire in the strophic poems of Hadewijch, and queer metaphors and queerer reproductions in Alain de Lille's De planctu natura and Jean de Meun's Roman de la rose.
However, Helga in Quicksand is also a good candidate for a queerer reading than she has hitherto received.
Separately and together, the films reinforce Albert Einstein's famous dictum: "The universe is not only queerer than we imagine, it is queerer than we can imagine.
Then there's the trans kid on Degrassi, gay and bisexual characters on Glee, Happily Divorced, Happy Endings, Modern Family, The Good Wife, and the baker's dozen of gays and lesbians on recent seasons of Top Chef And yet the networks' fall lineup is light on gay and trans characters on scripted shows, through no fault of new gay NBC chief Robert Greenblatt, whose channel will be notably queerer this fall.
The Veinte poemas de amor shifted the tone of Spanish love poetry into a darker, queerer, more sensual and surrealistic register, anticipating the work of Federico Garcia Lorca and Xavier Villaurrutia.