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Quell is designed for people suffering from chronic pain.
The company said Quell is designed for millions of people suffering from chronic pain.
Quell is an easy-to-use, over-the-counter device for relief of chronic pain.
Between the launch of Quell in June 2015 and quarter-end, approximately 2,600 Quell devices and nearly 1,000 electrode reorders were shipped to customers.
Both Peeta and Katniss were part of the Quarter Quell games and worked as a team against life threatening situations.
After making a mess of his post-war job as an in-house photographer in a department store, Quell gets into trouble because of the toxicity of the moonshine he enjoys cooking up.
Bahrain requested last week GCC support to quell unrest which has rocked the country over the past few months.
Insurer Prudential sought to quell investor anger over its collapsed takeover of Asia's AIA with a 5 per cent dividend hike and better than expected profits.
Walsh will be hoping to settle him in the early stages, although I don't expect to see him riding Quell The Storm from far off the pace.
07 has been returned by MPs who broke rules or who decided to hand back cash in a bid to quell constituents' anger.
And while the greater suppression can halt the alarming increase in gang violence, it alone is insufficient to quell the gang epidemic, which existed long before the recent spike.
To quell an area of controversy, the IRS issued proposed regulations clarifying the treatment of expenditures incurred in selling, acquiring, producing or improving tangible assets.