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On the other hand, al-Hayat al-Jadida reported that Hamas quelled the youth rally, firing bullets at participants and beating them using clubs, as well as detained two reporters.
Even though the gauge for business investment weakened, Bank of Japan remained unperturbed and has indirectly quelled hopes of a stimulus.
The detainees fought with weapons made from fans and light fittings, but the disturbance was quelled with mini- mum force, said the military.
Mr Dennehy insisted Saturday's mayhem could have been quelled more quickly if one had been available.
Afterward, each reported much less pain--often less than half as much as usual--while he or she mentally quelled the region's activity.
They were rather difficult to deal with, not readily quelled.
Today a whole panoply of medications, strategies, physical and psychological therapies, and even a few surgical interventions, are available to damp down MS and its symptoms, to manage what can't be quelled, and to comfort what can't be well managed.
A wild and jubilantly young crowd cheered the final performances of Casanova with an enthusiasm that quelled the whistles that had ripped through the air on opening night, bringing the latest Preljocaj creation to a dramatic close.
gave the technology sector only a brief push on the plus side Thursday, before anxiety over war with Iraq, and uncertainty about the health of the economy quelled the early morning rally.
With the statement, the bank has quelled speculation that the central bank would cut the amount of cash the nation's lenders must set aside as reserves.
Fighting last broke out at Pitchess on Thursday night between 40 inmates in the transfer area but was quickly quelled, he said.
A research team led by Fabrizio Benedetti of the University of Turin Medical School in Italy first gave 11 Parkinson's patients injections of a medication that briefly quelled muscle rigidity and related symptoms.