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quench has been keeping a keen eye on four broad macro trends that have been building momentum over the past few years, and is watching them come to life through various micro trends," says Darby Hughes, quench brand strategy director and trends expert.
Quench parameters are developed for each component configuration and once validated can be integrated as part of the product recipe.
Time-temperature-property curves for quench sensitivity of 6063 aluminum alloy, Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 23(1): 38-45.
A quench that begins in one part of a superconducting coil can propagate, causing other areas to lose their superconductivity.
9, grafted MAH is less efficient to quench the fluorescence emission of fluoranthene tracer.
A FORMER off-licence franchisee has spent the past few weeks protesting outside the Liverpool office of accountancy firm KPMG after losing thousands of pounds when parent chain First Quench collapsed.
A FORMER off-licence manager is protesting outside accountant KPMG's Liverpool office, after losing thousands of pounds when parent chain First Quench collapsed.
Motorola announced that it will launch two new low-budget Android smartphones in Taiwan, in cooperation with Taiwanese operator Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), Motorola Quench MB501 and Quench XT3.
This investment follows the success of the Heat Treatment Department, which already operates six furnaces, an existing Water Quench and a Polymer Quench.
Summary: Administrators of Threshers' owner First Quench today announced the loss of more than 2,000 jobs following another raft of store closures.
3 December 2009 - British Off licence group First Quench has announced that it is to close a further 391 stores with the loss of 2140 jobs by 20th December.
TWO of the remaining three Teesside stores being handled by administrators for off-licence group First Quench are to be sold.