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High quenching rate during heat treatment is important for two reasons:
Much of the sand is removed from the castings during the quenching process.
In the present work, the 3D finite element method based on ANSYS is developed and used to simulate the online quenching processes.
It is expected that the fluorescence quenching behavior in the melting flow in the TSE should be similar to that in the organic solution.
The ferrite-martensite structure has been obtained by quenching from temperature in the range ([alpha] + [gamma]); heating temperature ([T.
The process is repeated up to six times, each following the same cool down and "uphill" quenching cycle.
Coupled with the basketless heat treat system, the PAQ system further reduces the size of the quenching system.
Results of the study showed astaxanthin to exhibit the most potent singlet oxygen quenching activity among the compounds tested.
Stern-Volmer kinetic analysis and results of quenching measurements on solutions with varying concentrations of SSC buffer revealed that quenching is dependent only on ground-state complexation, and does not occur when ions collide with excited dye molecules.
She desires never to thirst again but has thus far found no adequate quenching at the well of her ancestors.
Bohler-Uddeholm altered the chemistry of this 420 steel with additions of nickel and molybdenum that help to improve the quenching rate of the steel.
Quenching in the counter limits the duration of the discharge in the counter.