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But it would be too naive to start out from the idea that it is the Western which is in crisis during this period: understood dialectically, that is as social and, as we should certainly not forget, industrial processes rather than as crypto-institutions, genres cannot be in crisis any more than they can, as some critics once argued (in a sort of genre theorist's version of Jacques' "Seven ages of Man" speech in As You Like It), "evolve" quasi-biologically and teleologically over time from inchoate origins via to querulously reflexive senescence.
Each case study is sprinkled with anecdotes which illustrate the degree to which all this matters to those engaged in the battle for our past, as when a Howard government nominee to the National Museum's Council wrote querulously of laboriously working his way through every one of the thousands of labels attached to the Museum's exhibits (p.
The speaker adopts a commanding and condescending attitude toward Sheba, a querulously childish figure whose interrogatories precede the poem's opening and initiate the speaker's monologue.
Every now and then a small bird twittered somewhere among withered burrs and thorns in the ditches at the sides of the road, twittered querulously, half-heartedly, as though suffering from catarrh.
Creator, let us not querulously complain that all climates are not equally
Is it suicidal, masochistic, sadistic, a gesture of hopelessness, is it what they now sadly and querulously call "empowerment"?
Yet even the best argument that Emmett honors the feminine side of gay men will not satisfy those Sunday night armchair sociologists who debate, often querulously, whether Queer as Folk is "good for the gays"--whether the show's portrayal of drug-taking, sex-seeking, flamboyant club puppies paints an oversimplified and negative picture of gay life, one that doesn't accurately represent gay people.
Rudel remembered his father as capable of callousness and even puerile tantrums over trivial annoyances': 'It was difficult to reconcile Bernard, the bard at the pulpit, the rostrum, or the soap-box with the spouse who querulously yelled: "Dammit, Eve
Only someone who is still dangerously close to adolescence could show us Max's vulnerability: how, without warning, the 10-year-old in him can querulously break through his impersonation of a middle-aged stockbroker.
Petersen does not refer to these things in detail, but querulously complains that in the aftermath of `the war', theological study moved away from philological work to `neo-orthodoxy'.
In other countries, people watch football games the way we watched political sessions--keenly, boisterously, querulously.