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Each case study is sprinkled with anecdotes which illustrate the degree to which all this matters to those engaged in the battle for our past, as when a Howard government nominee to the National Museum's Council wrote querulously of laboriously working his way through every one of the thousands of labels attached to the Museum's exhibits (p.
The speaker adopts a commanding and condescending attitude toward Sheba, a querulously childish figure whose interrogatories precede the poem's opening and initiate the speaker's monologue.
Every now and then a small bird twittered somewhere among withered burrs and thorns in the ditches at the sides of the road, twittered querulously, half-heartedly, as though suffering from catarrh.
Creator, let us not querulously complain that all climates are not equally
Is it suicidal, masochistic, sadistic, a gesture of hopelessness, is it what they now sadly and querulously call "empowerment"?
Yet even the best argument that Emmett honors the feminine side of gay men will not satisfy those Sunday night armchair sociologists who debate, often querulously, whether Queer as Folk is "good for the gays"--whether the show's portrayal of drug-taking, sex-seeking, flamboyant club puppies paints an oversimplified and negative picture of gay life, one that doesn't accurately represent gay people.
I wish you wouldn't go highbrow on me," she said querulously.
Things like classic entry sequences, scaled to the pedestrian's perspective; imaginable, visually ascertainable combinations and outlines of building parts; judicious dispositions of ornament and detail, yielding something like a grammar that, where appropriate, might be exploited to rhetorical purpose within schemes of conventionalized understandings -- these traditional components of the urban fabric, built up however querulously or provisionally over long periods of time, are now jettisoned for the quick transfixion of ordinary experience, just as some people take drugs.
He praised the compromise "Weatherill" amendment that would allow a rump of 91 hereditary peers to stay on in a transitional House until full reform was complete, saying this would allow the rest to "depart with dignity, not querulously, and without rancour".