question the truth of

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When your brother had said to your mother that he had asked her no less than five times, and that it was so, that she positively denied him, methinks a younger sister need not question the truth of it when her mother did not.
When the young man found that these churches were not the same, but had their own beliefs, he begins to question the truth of Christianity.
I don't feel a need to question the truth of the history of the site, nor debate my personal feelings.
Today the Birmingham Mail joins the police in urging Small Heath families to question the truth of any wild stories that are circulating.
Upon meeting a handsome man, however, she begins to question the truth of her curse and a kiss may lead her to test it.
Our chests swell when it is announced that these results have broken all records, and we turn on those mean-spirited souls who question the truth of this old tale.
Or, for the sake of civil order, we might likely question the truth of our own faith.
Peterson explores the question of what history is in a postmodern era when we have come to question the truth of historical narrative from a poststructural position, and concludes, following Frederic Jameson's assertion in The Political Unconscious (1981), that "history is what hurts.
At a time when scientifically enlightened thinkers continue to call into question the truth of religious beliefs, it is refreshing to consider M.