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Based on the above, the aim of the present in vitro study was to evaluate the microleakage of FS on questionably carious occlusal surfaces (compared with sound enamel) and to determine whether microleakage is affected when fluoridated materials and bonding agents are used prior to sealant application.
STATE LAB samples from water in tankers arriving from Greece are questionably representative at best, with Ocean Tankers accused of tampering with the water and inhibiting the work of the health services.
Since there is no such system, Tanguay can then questionably view the believer's experience as ultimately unassailable and find in Strauss "only a weak defense of philosophy, a zetetic defense," one based ultimately on a decision, not a demonstration (p.
Last Tuesday - and bizarre as it might sound - the radical cleric Abu Qatada, described, questionably, as 'Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe' was released on bail from Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire.
But they argue Microsoft, a distant third in online search, cannot afford to waste online search division resources on a questionably profitable, legally troublesome and labor intensive campaign to digitize books.
But they argue that Microsoft cannot afford to waste online search division resources on a questionably profitable, legally troublesome and labour-intensive campaign to digitise books.
How we got here isn't hard to see: We used foreign investment to finance a housing-and-credit bubble that's now popped; regulators fell asleep at the wheel as lenders overextended credit to people who couldn't afford it; many ratings agencies performed so questionably they're now under investigation by the FBI; and the Fed, under Alan Greenspan, chose to do nothing to regulate the process.
Mos Deaf and Jack Black re-create "Driving Miss Daisy," with questionably amusing results, in "Be Kind Rewind.
5 million due to defaults from sub-prime or questionably qualified home buyers to whom it has extended loans.
She holds no shame is creating gut-busting desserts dripping with full-fat cream (as she licks her lips in a way questionably seductive pre-watershed).
Some companies are not even waiting for the settlements to arrive and have begun providing pre-settlement "loans" and investment schemes that make outrageous claims of "low, low interest rates" or questionably high returns on investments.
And what about the cost of this questionably useful technology and the problems it would create for gun manufacturers?