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Chancellor George Osborne is selling the UK's future for a quick buck by inviting other nations and overseas firms to buy what they like.
This month we are warning people to be on the look out for rogues looking to make a quick buck at their expense.
Joe has contrived to shoot himself in the foot by employing the current tactics of central government of scaremongering, the devil or the deep blue sea, all in the pursuit of a quick buck.
BUSINESS Secretary Vince Cable yesterday backed an ambitious agenda to tackle the quick buck mentality in the City.
The behaviour of many banks in the run-up to the financial crisis is an extreme example of this quick buck mentality, but there is clearly a wider problem.
Cardiff is losing its heritage and this council is pandering to property developers trying to make a quick buck.
If that was me, I would be trying to keep it quiet, not raking in the quick buck while embarassing my nearest and dearest.
The Air Transport Users Council said: "We're disappointed to see an airport making a quick buck at passengers' expense.
Head of health and safety at CE Electric UK, Paul Norton, said: "It's becoming clear that thieves are prepared to take ever greater risks to make a quick buck.
It is claimed that private equity managers feel no long-term duty of care about the companies they take over, intent only on hawking off their investments in return for a quick buck.
Perhaps the authors - clearly hungry for a quick buck - should be awarded their own ASBO.
But manager Tommy Gilmour jr reckons that would be too early for the Methil scrapper and won't won't fast-track his man there to earn a quick buck.