quick sense

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The bordering States, if any, will be those who, under the impulse of sudden irritation, and a quick sense of apparent interest or injury, will be most likely, by direct violence, to excite war with these nations; and nothing can so effectually obviate that danger as a national government, whose wisdom and prudence will not be diminished by the passions which actuate the parties immediately interested.
They agreed that the weather was of high promise; and Clennam kept the talk in that safe direction until it had become easy again, when he gently diverted it to Henry Gowan and his quick sense and agreeable qualities when he was delicately dealt With; he likewise dwelt on the indisputable affection he entertained for his wife.
Well had it been if the same quick sense of propriety had attended him in the peddling propensity to which I have formerly alluded - but this was by no means the case.
a feast of a located on booking "Peter had a quick sense of humour and was very witty.
Quick Sense lets users quickly and easily set modulation amplitudes and frequencies, acquire individual force- distance curves and measure adhesion and stiffness.
Such an open-ended question could lead to discussion of those factors that might be causing stress and give you a quick sense of how equipped the parent (or parents) are to handle it.
He had a very dry and quick sense of humour and will be greatly missed.
Miller's strong faith and quick sense of humor carried him through the last 12 years of his life, after his first cancer diagnosis in 2003.
FDR's charm and Stalin's own folksy appeal and a quick sense of humor (believe it or not) allowed the two to form a bond that irked British leader Winston Churchill, the third of the "Big Three.
With his sharp intellect and quick sense of humor, Gregory shares his insider's perspective on Washington's top decision-makers.
Objective 3: To initiate an understanding of parliamentary staff and newly hired fellows in key leadership qualities, quick sense and response to changes, clear vision and innovative ideas to problems.
His quick sense of judgment gives him the advantage of being able to adjust to mix up his game depending on how a particular match is going.