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That feeling creeps through every relationship we have with other people, and we turn quick-tempered, disrespectful, easily annoyed, pessimistic, selfish and/or oblivious to the world.
The quick-tempered builder is about to face the revelation - during his grandson Joseph's christening - that his teenage daughter Katy wants to be a surrogate for older sister Izzy's baby, and his reaction is likely to dismay both his daughters and long-suffering girlfriend Anna Windass.
Francis describes in Traitor's Kiss is one we would recognise; proud, intelligent, brave and quick-tempered.
The protestors will be quick-tempered from thirst and hunger, and also in many cases less frightened of death.
The local police arrest Kenny Waters (Rockwell), the quick-tempered rogue they haul in for most crimes.
Flashes of memorable brilliance that conjured up memories of Old Course glory in 2000 and 2005 have been interspersed with the quick-tempered tantrums he pledged to eradicate from his game.
He frequently gets caught up in Larry's mishaps, while also having to deal with his quick-tempered, foul-mouthed wife Susie.
Giving evidence in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today, Shirley Singh said her husband Vijay was a quick-tempered man who used his fists when he was angry.
Margaret Gregg, a former colleague of Shelton, who had also become friends with Mrs Martin, said Shelton was quick-tempered, impatient and easily upset.
And who played quick-tempered traffic warden Mrs Cantaford in the series?