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With that, a new sense of power, greater than Lilla had ever seen in her, seemed to quicken her cousin.
Something seemed to quicken her to a determination; possibly the thought that she had killed Prince.
One would have supposed that such an atmosphere must quicken the emotions as well as the blood; but it seemed to produce no change except that of retarding still more the sluggish pulse of Starkfield.
He sat there without conscious thoughts, without sense of the lapse of time, in a deep and grave amazement that seemed to suspend life rather than quicken it.
Then indeed might the safety of the panthan be assured; but they were only poor lumps of clay, nor had she the power to quicken them to life.
Give 'm you hell," Van Horn refused, and in the blue of his eyes the black chief sensed the impression of the dynamite out of which white men seemed made, and felt his brain quicken to the vision of the bloody day he first encountered an explosion of dynamite and was hurled through the air.
He had felt his pulse quicken a trifle at the business manager's brusqueness, and upon him he kept an alert eye, for it was in that gentleman's trousers pocket that he divined the TRANSCONTINENTAL'S ready cash was reposing.
For the first time, for many a long year past, the Doctor felt his pulse quicken its beat in the presence of a patient.
Presently the sound of singing made the outsiders quicken their steps, and, stealing up, they peeped in at one of the broken windows.
Grace's heart began to quicken its beat in expectation of the disclosure that was to come.
He moved his finger-tips, which up to that had merely rested, along the surface, and felt the whole gigantic sphere quicken and live and respond.
Now, let us quicken our pace, I have my round to finish, and there are five or six more patients still to be visited.