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Quicken has been an industry standard for 20 years, and has a lot of customer loyalty, but it, has a lot of catching tap to do to retake Money's gains in features, user experience, and free services.
Quicken Financial Planner is so simple to use I'm baffled as to why Intuit felt compelled to include a 150-page manual, even though the text is clearly written and helpful.
In the financial planning realm, Quicken is a distant second to Microsoft's Financial Planner, which is also available as a stand-alone product.
We visited people in their homes and watched them proudly declare that they were reducing clutter by signing up for electronic statements," said John Flora, Quicken software product manager.
When you enter your current payment and the balance, Quicken looks at ways to increase the amount you apply to pay down your debts.
Quicken Medical Expense Manager also lets users track installment payments and multiple insurance plan coverage per service, including Medicare.
At Newport, we tailor our retirement and benefit plans to help people reach their financial goals, which is a key reason why our services are a good fit with Quicken software," Melzer added.
Mortgage Bankers working from the Quicken Loans Internet Home Lending Center in Cleveland will close home loans for clients living in all 50 states.
Being able to store electronic images in Quicken eliminates the need for a separate paper filing system for your financial records," said Peter Karpas, vice president & general manager, Quicken Solutions Group.