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Incidents can include infrastructure faults, trespassers on the network, or trees on the tracks, with the specialist response teams now able to get to affected locations sooner, and return services quicker.
Quicker Social has excelled in connecting small businesses to highly targeted consumers.
He told her the quicker she got in a good mood, the quicker he would let her go PROSECUTOR
It was good to see that Ashwin actually used the quicker delivery to surprise the batsmen and not use it as his stock delivery -- unlike in the series against England.
Epsom, which annually aims to deliver ground no quicker than good to firm for its biggest two days, spent the weekend basking in sunshine but, with considerable moisture in the racing surface, Cooper described himself as "comfortable" with the state of the course.
It inspires us both to go quicker and quicker and it shows the rest of the world that we're willing to fight it out.
With a bit more time on the bike, I can get quicker.
An analysis of data on cervical dilatation and pain scores among the 66 healthy, nulliparous women revealed a significantly quicker, less painful labor in patients with a polymorphism at the 16 position of [[beta].
Fr Sean Healy, of CORI, said: "I would like to reassure people that there is nothing to fear about the card as it will make collecting payments easier, quicker and be more secure than the book system.
Grant said: "It is unfair from the Football Association because in the same game against Manchester United, and we saw on the video, their players ran to the referee before us - maybe they are quicker.
With the curtain-raising grand prix in Australia now 19 days away, Hamilton and McLaren team-mate Heikki Kovalainen were considerably quicker than world champion Kimi Raikkonen.
It provides them with great opportunity to save money as well as make money," McLaughlin says, because they area able to obtain and disseminate information much quicker.