quickly performed

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References in classic literature ?
The operation was quickly performed, for the fresh ice was still very thin.
Caderousse quickly performed the stranger's bidding; and after pouring some into a glass, and slowly swallowing its contents, the abbe, resuming his usual placidity of manner, said, as he placed his empty glass on the table, -- "Where did we leave off?
By moving the "factory in a box" to partners, prototyping can be quickly done and fixes quickly performed and tested.
Spurs maintained throughout that they had done nothing wrong and the striker vented his frustration on Twitter by saying he would never play under the owner again after the Baggies refused to sanction a move, but he quickly performed a U-turn.
The 83-year-old actor quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver Wednesday night at the Monterey Conference Center.
Military doctors quickly performed tests on the 54-year-old President, who is known for his hyperactivity.
Military doctors quickly performed a battery of tests on the 54-year-old president, who is known for his sportiness.
Spoligotyping (spacer oligotyping) is a PCR-based test that can be quickly performed, even on the small amounts of DNA in poorly growing cultures.
However, after receiving an earlier version of this letter, the CDC quickly performed new analyses of 14 retained frozen samples and informed us that analysis with confirmatory ions validated their original findings.
Using his ROTC training, Rene quickly performed the maneuver, and the candy popped out of the toddler's mouth.
The results surprised audiences so much that he quickly performed more than thirty shows at the hallowed venue.
He quickly performed a precautionary overshoot, called a "go around.