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Survival of F32-ART5 against High-Dose Artemisinin after Drug-Induced Quiescence
We have written before of Dave's quiescence in the face of ultra-authoritarian actions, the deselection of Howard Flight and, later his own deselection of the Conservative leader in the House in Strasbourg.
They cover interactions among sleep-active neurons in the preoptic hypothalamus in the regulation of nonREM sleep, sleep and immune function, genetic approaches to the problem of sleep, the genetics of sleep in Drosophila melanogaster, studies of behavioral quiescence in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, identifying the function of sleep by investigating sleep and wakefulness at the molecular level, a model of brain plasticity to explain effects of sleep on adult neurogenesis, sleep and synaptic homeostasis, growing evidence that sleep is important for learning and memory, and revisiting the ontogenetic hypothesis of rapid eye movement sleep function.
Nowhere is this more needed than in the Palace of Westminster where New Labour, in particular, has provided dilution on a grand scale by very carefully vetting its prospective candidates based on quiescence, loyalty and above all dedication to the ideas contained in the Mandelson-Blair-Brown agendas.
Compounded by the status of almost one third of the birds of North American now in decline, there are some questions regarding at least some of the serenity implied in Quiescence.
Does positivity lull us into quiescence or spur us toward risk-taking?
Their quiescence and subordination to Sunnism is over
The employers counted on the current recession to dragoon the locals into quiescence.
2005) reported the use of male chemical signals as elicitors of female quiescence (catalepsy) during copulation in the agelenid Agelenopsis aperta (Gertsch 1934).
All of the above notwithstanding, a less-discussed but more probable cause of the litigation quiescence of recent years has been a steady, predictable, even-paced stock market.