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Circadian regulation in the quiescent stem-cell state: impact of aging on circadian rhythms and consequences for quiescence maintenance and regeneration.
In a new study, Elaine Fuchs of Rockefeller University reports on new insights into the biological signals that make hair follicle stem cells oscillate between states of quiescence and regenerative activity.
These b and Ib peaks can be discriminated from failure crack propagation considering that these trends are not anticipated by a quiescence stage.
Survival of F32-ART5 against High-Dose Artemisinin after Drug-Induced Quiescence
During quiescence these lines slowly reduce in strength as the disc gradually cools.
The second method is to strive for an understanding of the theory of Voidness based on the prior development of single-minded concentration in mental quiescence meditation.
Those interactions point toward a theme of managerial quiescence and lead to recommendations for additional research focusing on how the perceptions of institution prestige relate to various measures of uncertainty and strategy effectiveness.
Some in the 112th Congress, aside from supporting additional economic sanctions against Iran, believe the United States should provide additional vocal and material support to the democracy movement in Iran, despite the relative quiescence of the opposition "Green Movement" since early 2010.
Subsequently, a period of tectonic quiescence occurred in the northern Himalaya simultaneous with shortening occurring further south.
Future's Deputy also lambasted the Mikati-led government's quiescence over what is happening in the northern prefecture.