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He had never realised before that underneath every action, underneath the life of every day, pain lies, quiescent, but ready to devour; he seemed to be able to see suffering, as if it were a fire, curling up over the edges of all action, eating away the lives of men and women.
This dream, in which I was quiescent and which was more like a condition than an experience of action, I dreamed very often in my early childhood.
A hungry animal is restless until it finds food; then it becomes quiescent.
For some time Mrs Verloc remained quiescent, with her work dropped in her lap, before she put it away under the counter and got up to light the gas.
The great buildings round the hollow yard were as dreary and tumbledown as ever, but over the old garden-wall the straggling rose-bushes were beginning to toss their summer weight, and the gray wood and old bricks of the house, on its higher level, had a look of sleepy age in the broad afternoon sunlight, that suited the quiescent time.
Although the semi-starved worm continued to forage, its cells and organs entered a quiescent state during which development paused.
The bq25570, bq25505, TPS62740, TPS62737 and TPS62736 maintain the industry's lowest levels of active quiescent current and enable battery-free operation to wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, wearable medical devices, mobile accessories and other applications with limited access to power.
For the study, scientists collected blood from healthy human donors and isolated quiescent CD4 T cells, and exposed them to cocaine and subsequently infected them with HIV.
A three-pin serial interface allows each port to be separately tuned to the minimum required quiescent current for the intended signal standard.
Influenza vaccination appears to be safe in patients with quiescent systemic lupus erythematosus, but may be less effective than in healthy controls, reported Dr.
It was shown that the MHL expression was successful in explaining experimental crystallization growth kinetics data for LLDPE, under quiescent conditions [11].
To more quickly detect cancers that are missed by bronchoscopy, Spira and his colleagues scanned 22,500 genes in lung-lining cells and found that 80 are inordinately active or quiescent in cancerous cells compared with their behavior in normal cells.