quiet down

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Officials ordered him removed because he refused to stop arguing and quiet down during a discussion about a senior citizens housing project.
Summary: Although things never really seem to quiet down in Beirut when it comes to nightlife, some neighborhoods that were previously known as hubs for partygoers have recently suffered as a result of the turbulence the country continues to face.
So I ask: Have you given up on meditation because your brain won't quiet down and you feel silly fighting with it?
AS the tears begin to subside in Trojan Town and the celebrations in Westwood quiet down, we can all take comfort in a welcome development: Los Angeles is a two-team college football town once again.
Owens Corning's Quiet Down America Tour Launches with HGTV's Candice Olson of 'Divine Design' to Educate Consumers about Residential Noise Control Solutions
Kept Kewell and Cisse quiet down Liverpool's left and looked assured going forward.
Apparently disgruntled about Scott's recent break-up with him, Ybarra became loud enough that Fitts motioned to him to quiet down so that his neighbors would not hear the yelling.
There's something about Mary that makes Martha quiet down, and she whispers, "The master is asking for you.
Using technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET), they've been able to watch the human brain in action, recording which regions act up or quiet down during various cognitive tests.