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This clamor of the wind through the lonely house; the Judge's quietude, as he sits invisible; and that pertinacious ticking of his watch!
You may the better estimate his quietude by the fearlessness of a little mouse, which sits on its hind legs, in a streak of moonlight, close by Judge Pyncheon's foot, and seems to meditate a journey of exploration over this great black bulk.
The sled was the one point of life and motion in the midst of the solemn quietude, and the harsh churn of its runners but emphasized the silence through which it moved.
Our young bride and bridegroom had chosen Brighton as the place where they would pass the first few days after their marriage; and having engaged apartments at the Ship Inn, enjoyed themselves there in great comfort and quietude, until Jos presently joined them.
The latter character carried it hollow at this period of the voyage, and triumphed over the Sanguine One at every meal, by inquiring where he supposed the Great Western (which left New York a week after us) was NOW: and where he supposed the 'Cunard' steam-packet was NOW: and what he thought of sailing vessels, as compared with steamships NOW: and so beset his life with pestilent attacks of that kind, that he too was obliged to affect despondency, for very peace and quietude.
Who can tell how scenes of peace and quietude sink into the minds of pain-worn dwellers in close and noisy places, and carry their own freshness, deep into their jaded hearts
It was a spirit of peace that was not of death, but of smooth-pulsing life, of quietude that was not silence, of movement that was not action, of repose that was quick with existence without being violent with struggle and travail.
There was little opportunity for the spirit of the place to return with its quietude and repose, for the man's voice, raised in ragtime song, still dominated the canyon with possession.
Its deceptive quietude imbues the most banal of incidents - the wrapping of a bandage, the cracking of an egg - with fascination, and lets faces and actions convey the simple but increasingly evocative narrative with almost silent-movie elegance.
In a statement, an official at the Foreign Ministry called for removing all restrictions that prevent Muslims from conducting their rituals smoothly and in quietude, and to let them practise their legitimate right in performing prayers, as well as respecting the status quo and all the relevant conventions and charters, refraining from further provocation of Muslims' feelings worldwide.
Il a affirme que les services securitaires tunisiens abattent un travail colossal pour ramener la quietude et regagner ainsi la confiance des pays partenaires.
beaucoup moins que] Sur le plan securitaire, la competition s'est deroulee dans un climat empreint de securite et de quietude.