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QUIETUS, Eng. law. A discharge; an acquittance.
     2. It is an instrument by the clerk of the pipe, and auditors in the exchequer, as proof of their acquittance or discharge to accountants. Cow. Int. h.t.

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Relation between oak tree phenology and the secretion of organic matter degrading enzymes by Lactarius quietus ectomycorrhizas before and during bud break.
But the issue received `its usual quietus when the council decided to `wait and watch Portland's installation.
He incurred the anger of some Whites, in a gambling house, and, during the quarrel, one of the 'free and enlightened citizens' gave him his quietus with a bowie-knife.
Suicide pills -- brand name Quietus -- are offered by the ruling class, free of charge.
Z amazeth 20, authorizing 35, blazon 106, freezings 97, gaz'd 2, gaze 5 24, gazers 96, gazeth 20, gazing 125, glazed 24, prize 48 151, prizing 143, raz'd 122, sympathiz'd 82, zealous 27 Q acquaintance 77 89 89, acquainted 20, antique 17 19 59 68 106, banquet 47, bequest 4, conquest 6 46 74, conquer'd 90, eloquence 23, equal 84, equipoise 32, exchequer 67, frequent 117, iniquity 62, liquid 5, obsequious 31 125, qualify 109, quality 14, queen 96, quenched 154, quest 46 129, question 12 57, quicker 45, quickly 153, quiet 27, quietus 126, quill 83 85 88, quite 72 103, requite 57, sequent 60
To evaluate these market effects of delaying a successor announcement and successor origin, we examine the abnormal stock returns associated with these executive quietus events.
Political organisation, the establishment of a socialist party with a hegemonic ideology, could not alone deliver the quietus to the capitalist mode of production.
The contemporary quietus toward runaway shops reflects this trade off; white workers watch the overall job base erode in the belief that ultimately only the lower layers of the work force will be effected.
It appears to be the purpose of those conducting this procedure to throw the country into a state of terror, to coerce public opinion, stifle criticism, suppress discussion of the issues of the war, and put a quietus on all opposition.
The controversy over whether a treaty could trump the Constitution should have been given its quietus by Reid v.
Textual differences also appear in the chapters, `The City of Light,' `The Stress of the Struggle,' `The Dawn,' and `The Great Quietus.
If Ford is deliberately recalling Webster's scene, the kiss with which Giovanni and Annabella seal their relationship can also be seen as a Quietus est--not only sealing their relationship, but also their doom.